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Why outsource to


Known as “Central Asia’s island of democracy”, Kyrgyzstan is among the nations with the highest literacy rate.  According to UNESCO's research published in 2018,  the adult literacy rate in Kyrgyzstan is 99.59%. 

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union and obtaining its independence, Kyrgyzstan has been an active participant of the global high tech development processes and today, the country is among the most dynamic emerging IT hubs of Eurasia, with an innovative ecosystem thriving within the officially designated tax zone.


The country has an advanced higher education system represented by over 28 national and international universities, offering students bachelor’s and master’s degrees, as well as PhD programs in various fields and industries.

Kyrgyz IT professionals think critically and have good cultural fit with the US and EU customers, as they share the same values, business paradigms of responsibility, quality of services and transparency.


Majority of the tech talent working in the sector hold bachelor’s and master’s degrees from local and international schools, including the Ivy League universities. 


The Kyrgyz IT community members speak the diverse native languages of the region, including Russian, Central Asian Turkic dialects, while fluently communicating in English Turkish, Chinese, Korean and other languages. 

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